Brand: Celestron

Celestron T-Adapter 48mm for EdgeHD 9.25", 11", 14" (93622)


Brand: Celestron

Celestron T-Adapter 48mm for EdgeHD 9.25", 11", 14" (93622)


  • Attaches directly to the rear cell of the larger Edge optical tubes
  • Produces better illumination for today's larger full-frame imaging sensors, all the way to the corners
  • Reduces vignetting–darkening around the edges of the image sensor–by providing unobstructed light to the camera
$72.95 USD

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$72.95 USD

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Product Description

The 48mm T-Adapter is the accessory of choice if you’d like to attach your full frame DSLR or astronomical camera to a Celestron EdgeHD optical tube. With DSLR CCD chips getting larger, Celestron created the 48mm T-Adapter to reduce vignetting and provide a larger light path to your camera’s sensor, producing exceptional astrophotos.

The standard T-Adapter for EdgeHD 9.25", 11", and 14" comes with a 42mm T-Thread for a 42mm T-Ring. This smaller 42mm T-Adapter truncates the light cone coming from the back of the EdgeHD optical tubes, which creates vignetting in the corners of full frame imaging sensors. The 48mm T-Adapter has a larger T-Thread opening, allowing the unhindered light to illuminate the entire sensor, optimizing your full-frame sensor’s capabilities.

Note: The 48mm T-Adapter will not offer any advantage to imagers with smaller APS-C sensors. For this, Celestron still recommends the 42mm T-Adapter (#93646) and 42mm T-Rings for your specific model of camera. T-Rings are sold separately. See our 42mm Nikon T-Ring or Canon EOS T-Ring.

Celestron does not offer 48mm T-Rings, however, we do recommend the ones sold by Sky-Watcher USA. They offer the most popular models for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras.

The chart below shows the relative illumination of the sensor in a 42mm and a 48mm T-Adapter. The X-axis is the distance from the center of the camera sensor. The Y-Axis is the amount of light being received. As you can see, the 48mm receives more light than the 42mm T-Adapter and will reduce vignetting in your images.

Below, you will find the difference between the 42mm and the 48mm T-Rings to give you an idea of the space the 42mm and 48mm T-Threads on the T-Adapter will provide.


Compatible Telescopes: Fits all EdgeHD 9.25", 11", and 14" Telescopes
T-Rings Threads: M48 x 0.75| NOTE: This adapter will not work with M42 x0.75 T-Rings
Flange distance: 91mm (3.58")
Outside diameter: 72mm (2.83")
Weight: 8 oz (226.79 g)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Celestron T-Adapter 48mm for EdgeHD 9.25", 11", 14" (93622)

Works as expected

Well built and sturdy

Perfect for full frame cameras to achieve the correct back focus. The adaptor is well built and stays perfectly in place with no movement. Worth the purchase!

Used with .7 reducer abd achieved focus with ASI 6200 + EFW

Quick delivery, with the ASI 2mm M48 to M54 expansion ring I can thread the EFW directly onto the T-Adapter and achieve the correct back focus because the ASI ring doesn't take up any.

Celestron T-Adapter 48mm for EdgeHD 9.25", 11", 14" (93622)

This "tube" attaches to the T-ring for your camera and allows to attach to the SCT directly, avoiding other adapters that may be designed to fit into place where eyepiece usually fits. This eleiminates possibility of freeplay/flex.

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