Brand: Orion Telescopes USD

Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars (51007)


Brand: Orion Telescopes USD

Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars (51007)


  • Super low power, coupled with large lenses brings constellations to life!
  • Massive 36-deg field of view fits constellations into one field of view
  • Large fully multi-coated lenses brighten fainter stars, so looking at the sky through these is like looking at a detailed star chart
  • Bridges the gap between naked eye astronomy and narrower field large binocular astronomy
  • Small and lightweight, featuring individual eyepiece focus, fits easily into your accessory case to take with you to dark skies, and includes caps and a case.
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Product Description

We've all heard the phrase "rules are made to be broken", and that saying goes for your astronomy gear as well! The Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binocular combines an ultra-low power with an ultra-wide field of view, supercharging your eyeballs and taking naked eye astronomy to another level. An incredible 36° field of view allows constellations to fit into one field. And the binoculars brighten up fainter stars, allowing you to see about 1.2 magnitudes fainter than you can with just your own eyeballs. For example -- from a dark sky site, you can see down to around magnitude 6 stars with your naked eye - imagine enhancing that view down to mag 7.2 with these binoculars. It's like looking at a detailed star chart, except now the actual sky becomes your chart!

Now, back to those rules that were made to be broken. Magnification and exit pupil are not important in this design of binocular. In fact, it's just the opposite. Low power coupled with a big lens provides this massive field of view and adds to the effect of the sky being your own personal star chart. These binoculars are a variation on a Galilean design but also include extra lens elements to enhance the field of view and also reduce aberrations compared with standard Galilean designed optics. The brightness in this style binocular is simply the square of the magnification, and the field of view is directly proportional to the size of the objective. Therefore you get 4x brighter images than naked eye, and a truly massive 36° field. The result is an enhanced naked-eye feel when gazing through these binoculars at the arms of the Milky Way and individual whole constellations.

Compact and lightweight, the Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars make a very nice addition to your astronomy equipment arsenal, bridging the gap between your larger binoculars and simple naked eye astronomy. Hundreds more stars appear in the view, and panning around the Milky Way from a dark sky site is simply jaw dropping. Features individual eyepiece focusing, a solid center axis hinge that holds collimation well, fully multi-coated lenses, and includes a carrying case and caps to protect the lenses.

What's in the Box

  • Binocular
  • Case
  • Caps
  • Strap


User Level Beginner
Magnification 2x
Optical Diameter 54mm
Field of View - Angular 36.0
Field of View - Linear 1890.0 ft/1000yd
Apparent field of view 72.0
Near Focus 10 ft
Interpupillary Distance Range
60mm - 81mm
Coatings Fully Multi-coated
Focus Style Individual Eyepeice Focus
Tripod Adaptable
Diopter adjustment Yes
Weight 1.0 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
2x54 binos

The 2x54 binos are great. The real review is All-Star Telescopes Customer Service. 5-star in every respect. Everything shipped in perfect condition and very quickly. The 2x54 binos work great. They are really vision enhancers, with minimal magnification. These are perfect for meteor showers with their wide field of view. They also bring out more detail, because they allow for fainter objects you can't see with the naked eye. These are great in the dark sky area I live in. The only thing I would add, is the ability to use filters. These are an uncommon m54 thread. Other then that, these binos are fantastic. And again, Thank you All-Star Telescopes for your customer Care.

Easy to use very light

Having been into astronomy over 25 years and now mostly imaging. I like to enjoy the sky while I have my rig imaging I have a number of binoculars including image stablelized one and they all serve a purpose. I had seen these binoculars before but never had a chance to use them. Last September while at Blackforest. Star party with very dark skies guy set up close to me lent me his pair for a few minutes. I was immediately blown away by the difference they made. You get extremly wide fields of view as if not using any binoculars but you also get a little more magnification 2 x that provides you more detail and the aperature gives you ability to see more then your naked eye. They are very light and you won’t tire of holding them. For experienced observer who knows where objects are in the sky and enjoys wide field views they are awesome. Since I have picked these up it’s been cloudy look forward to trying them in town under more light polluted environment. Small easy to travel with and decent quality I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them

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