Brand: Tele Vue Optics

Tele Vue 31.0 Nagler Type 5 (EN5-31.0)


Brand: Tele Vue Optics

Tele Vue 31.0 Nagler Type 5 (EN5-31.0)


Tele Vue Naglers are the original wide-field eyepiece. There's something special about a Tele Vue, and these are the definitive Tele Vue. If you're looking for a wide, immersive view, this is your eyepiece.
$698.00 USD

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$698.00 USD

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Product Description

With the 31mm, the unique 6-element design using four exotic glasses, maintains the contrast advancement of the Type 4s while achieving a true field area 82% larger than the 22mm Type 4! Owners of fast Dobsonian/Newtonians can enjoy a larger true field, free of secondary shadowing, than ever before. For example, a 12.5", f/4.5 scope with a Paracorr will deliver a 1.5 degree field (3 Moon diameters), at 53x with a 6mm exit pupil. Use our eyepiece calculator to figure out what the 31mm will deliver on your scope.

Why Are There 3 Types of Naglers?

To achieve the full magnification range over 82° apparent field of view requires two types: Nagler Type-5 with focal lengths of 31, 16mm and Nagler Type-6 with focal lengths of 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3.5, 2.5mm.

The Type-5 permits the largest true field possible (31mm has 42mm field stop).

Type-6 models have shorter focal lengths, are parfocal, with similiar size and weight, and all with a comfortable 12mm eye relief.

The Type-4 models feature about 18mm of eye relief and with the "instajust" eyeguard are best for eyeglass wearers or Dioptrx users in their 22, 17, 12mm focal length range.

TeleVue Nagler represents unparalleled performance with an 82 Degree Field of View.


Focal Length 31mm
Barrel Size 2"
Apparent Field of View 82 degrees
Eye Relief 19mm
Weight 2.20lbs
Field Stop 42mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tele Vue 31 Nagler Eyepiece

Lives up to its reputation. Well worth the investment.

Tele Vue Nagler 31mm

I can see why they call this eyepiece the king of kings. Optics are sharp from end to end and a beautiful wide field of view. Worth every dollar.

Simply the best.

Incredible eye piece. Wonderful field of view, perfect eye relief, hugely expansive views with insane contrast.

All Tele Vue eye pieces are fantastic. From the Plossl to the Ethos. If you want to get the most enjoyment from your scope, you need Tele Vue. A true life-time eye piece.

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