Brand: ZWO

ZWO ASI178MC 14Bit ADC CMOS Colour Camera (ASI178MC)


Brand: ZWO

ZWO ASI178MC 14Bit ADC CMOS Colour Camera (ASI178MC)


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Product Description

This product has been discontinued!

Back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor with 14bit ADC. ASI178MC has a 1/1.8″ and 6.4M pixels sensor IMX178 with SONY STARVIS and Exmor R Technology.

Sony IMX178 CMOS Sensor Features

  • High sensitivity, high resolution, and high dynamic range is yours with the Sony IMX178 back-illuminated CMOS image sensor!
  • The IMX178 is an "Exmor R" sensor, with significantly enhanced imaging characteristics, including sensitivity and low noise, by changing fundamental structure of "Exmor" adopted column-parallel A/D converter to back-illuminated type.
  • Sony STARVIS sensors, of which the IMX178 is one, features sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1µm²*, and realizes high picture quality in the visible and near infrared light regions.
  • High dynamic range was achieved by featuring 14 bit ADC, which reduced quantization noise and suppressed dark random noise. This enables clear image quality in light and dark areas, even when imaging objects with high contrast.

Extremely low read noise(2.2 e) , high sensitivity and 14bit ADC make it very suitable for astronomy and microscopy photograph

USB 3.0 Port & ST4 Port

USB 3.0 Port: Can provide 5Gb bandwidth to let ASI178 run at 30 fps (14bit, normal mode) or 60 fps (10bit, high speed mode) at full resolution(6.4Mega).

ST4 Port: Can be used connect with auto guide port of mount, for guiding.


Sensor Sony 1/1.8" CMOS IMX178
Resolution 6.4M
Image Array 3096 x 2080
Peak QE 81%
Pixel Size 2.4um
Max Frame Rate at Full Resolution 60 FPS
Max Frame Rate at 640 x 480 253.1 FPS
Window IR-Cut
Guide Port ST4
Shutter Rolling
Exposure Range 32us - 1000s
Read Noise 2.2e
Interface USB3.0/USB2.0
Bit Rate 14bit output (14 bit ADC)
Adapter 2" to 1.25"/M42 x 0.75
Dimensions 62 mm Diameter by 36 mm
Weight 120g (4.2oz) - without lens
Working Temperature -5ºC - 45ºC
Working Relative Humidity 20% - 80%

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Works right out of the box.

Easy to get it working.
One bad point - the documentation included with the product is very poor.
Fortunately there is lots of software that can interface and operate the camera like FireCapture. So I guess ZWO figures nobody needs good documentation, but it detracts from the reputability (IMHO).

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