Brand: Celestron

Celestron Starsense Explorer 10" Smartphone App Enabled Dobsonian Telescope (22471)


Brand: Celestron

Celestron Starsense Explorer 10" Smartphone App Enabled Dobsonian Telescope (22471)


Leverage your phone to navigate the night sky! These offer expansive views, and easy navigation for beginners and experts alike. Just download the app and it will give you directions to Saturn, Jupiter and 40k other destinations!
  • Unleash the power of your smartphone to take you on a guided tour of the night sky—no telescope experience required.
  • Patented, award-winning StarSense sky recognition technology uses your smartphone to analyze star patterns overhead and calculate the telescope’s position in real-time.
  • A large 10” parabolic primary mirror with XLT coatings helps you make the most of StarSense technology. Locate faint, deep-sky objects in seconds and see them in more detail than ever before.
  • A sturdy, Dobsonian-style base with large diameter bearings and variable altitude tensioning makes it easy to follow the on-screen arrows to your desired target. When the bullseye turns green, it's ready to view in the telescope's eyepiece.
  • StarSense Explorer app automatically generates a list of objects currently visible. View planets, brighter nebulae and galaxies, star clusters, and double stars from the city. Or take your telescope to darker skies to see even more.
  • Includes a 25mm Plössl eyepiece, a 2” Crayford focuser, the StarSense smartphone dock, a StarPointer™ red dot finderscope, an eyepiece rack, and a collimation tool.
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$1,099.00 USD

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Why we love the Celestron Starsense Explorer 10" Smartphone App Enabled Dobsonian Telescope (22471)

The StarSense Explorer series of telescopes are some of the best beginner telescopes available. They're simple to use, and open the night sky up to everyone.These scopes will give incredible views of the planets, mind blowing views of the moon, and some really interesting views of deep sky objects like galaxies and nebulas. For a bit of context, the human eye is capable of seeing approximately 10k stars on it's own. That number goes up to 50 Million when you use this 10 inch dobsonian telescope.  You'll neve outgrow these scopes, they are perfect for visual astronomy.

Celestron has reinvented the Dobsonian telescope with StarSense Explorer—the first Dobsonian that uses your smartphone to analyze the night sky and calculate its position in real-time. This large-aperture Celestron StarSense Explorer is ideal for serious beginners, thanks to the app's user-friendly interface and detailed tutorials. It's like having your own personal tour guide of the night sky. The large aperture will ensure that you won’t outgrow the telescope as you continue on in your astronomical adventures.

Product Description

Dock, Launch, Explore

Leave complicated star charts, imprecise planetarium apps, and computerized mounts behind. With StarSense Explorer, locating objects has never been easier, faster, or more accurate. Within minutes of setting up the telescope, you'll be navigating the sky with confidence. Simply place your phone in the unique StarSense dock and launch the StarSense Explorer app.

After aligning your phone to the telescope's optics (a quick and easy procedure), StarSense Explorer generates a list of celestial objects currently visible. Make your selection and arrows appear on-screen, guiding you as you move the telescope. When the object is ready to view in the eyepiece, the bullseye turns green. As you observe, listen to hundreds of audio descriptions and view detailed information about thousands of objects within the app's robust database.

High-Quality Altazimuth Base

An ultra-stable Dobsonian base provides a sturdy foundation for StarSense Explorer. It features large diameter altitude bearings with variable tensioning, Teflon azimuth bearings, and braces on the side panels for extra stability (unlike most 10" Dobsonian bases). The altitude bearings provide a smooth up-and-down motion while the integrated altitude "brake" system allows you to adjust the tension along the altitude axis for smoothest motion even with slight imbalances. The panning knob on the telescope tube provides an ergonomic grip so you can precisely point the telescope without introducing heat from your hands into the optical system. As celestial objects appear to drift across the night sky, you'll be able to easily follow them with minor adjustments to the telescope's position.

Dazzling Views with High-Quality Optics

With a large 10" Newtonian reflector optical tube, this telescope has enough light-gathering ability to bring out impressive detail in celestial objects while remaining remarkably portable. You can expect sharp, bright views of Jupiter's four Galilean moons, its cloud bands and Great Red Spot, the rings of Saturn, the gaseous glow of the Orion Nebula, dust lanes in the Lagoon Nebula, and our neighbor galaxy, Andromeda. Compared to the StarSense Explorer DX 130 AZ, the 10" Dobsonian has 240+% more light gathering area, providing better views of faint objects.

All mirror surfaces are coated with our XLT optical coatings to visibly increase contrast and light throughput for brighter views. With XLT, you'll be able to discern subtle details while viewing the Moon and planets, as well as faint galaxies and nebulae. The mirrors are made of low-expansion optical glass, which helps ensure the best images under changing environmental conditions.

This telescope also comes with a high-quality 2" Crayford focuser. The Crayford design provides precise and smooth movements without focus shifting. It also includes a 2" to 1.25" adapter and a 2" extension tube, so you can use virtually any 1.25" or 2" telescope eyepiece with your StarSense Explorer Dobsonian. The focuser also features a thumbscrew so you can lock in the sharpest focus.

Perfect for the City or Dark Sky Sites

Even if you live in a light-polluted city location, the Celestron StarSense Explorer 10" Dobsonian is advanced enough to easily pick out Jupiter, Saturn, open star clusters like the Pleiades, double stars like Alberio, the Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, and more of the best and brightest celestial objects.

But if you can take the telescope to an even slightly darker location, more objects will become visible. With this 10" Dobsonian and relatively dark skies, hundreds of fascinating objects are well within your reach.

Transporting your StarSense Explorer Dobsonian is easy thanks to the ergonomic carry handles located at the balance point of the tube and base. Dust covers are also included for the front of the tube and the focuser.

Smartphone Compatibility

Celestron StarSense Explorer works with most modern smartphones, including iPhone 6 and up, and most devices running Android 7.1.2 or later manufactured since 2016. 

Patented StarSense Sky Recognition Technology

StarSense Explorer uses patented technology and your smartphone to determine exactly where the telescope is pointed in the night sky. A Lost in Space Algorithm (LISA), like the ones satellites use in orbit to correctly orient themselves, helps the app match star patterns it detects overhead to its internal database.

While other astronomy apps may claim that they can help you find objects, they rely exclusively on the phone's gyros and accelerometers, which aren't as accurate as LISA technology. No other app can accurately tell you when your target is visible in the eyepiece.

Enhance Your Setup

Keep your phone charged all night while exploring with your StarSense Explorer by adding the PowerTank Glow 5000 to your must-have accessories (sold separately). This 2-in-1 accessory was made with the StarSense Explorer Dobs in mind, it has a red flashlight PLUS a USB power bank for charging mobile devices in the field. Connect the PowerTank Glow 5000 to the two posts at the front of the StarSense Explorer dock with the included bands so it is held in a convenient location for charging your smartphone while in use.

What can I see with a Celestron Starsense Explorer 10" Smartphone App Enabled Dobsonian Telescope (22471)?

Here are some simulated views of common objects. Results with your telescope will vary with viewing conditions, obrits, equipment and more.

Jupiter with

25mm Eyepiece - 48x Magnification

(Included with This Telescope)

Jupiter with

10mm Eyepiece - 120x Magnification

Sold Separately

Jupiter with

5mm Eyepiece - 240x Magnification

Sold Separately

Moon with 25mm Eyepiece

48x Magnification

(Included with This Telescope)

Moon with 10mm Eyepiece

120x Magnification

Sold Separately

Moon with 5mm Eyepiece

240x Magnification

Sold Separately

Andromeda with 36mm Eyepiece

33x Magnification

Sold Separately

Andromeda with 25mm Eyepiece

48x Magnification

(Included with This Telescope)

Andromeda with 10mm Eyepiece

120x Magnification

Sold Separately

What's in the Box

  • Optical tube
  • Dobsonian Base
  • 25mm eyepiece
  • 2" Crayford focuser
  • StarPointer™ red-dot finderscope
  • StarSense Explorer dock
  • StarSense Explorer unlock code
  • Eyepiece rack
  • Collimation cap
  • Celestron Starry Night Basic Edition Software


Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
Aperture: 254mm (10")
Focal Length: 1200mm (47.24")
Focal Ratio: f/4.7
Focal Length of Eyepiece 1: 25mm (0.98")
Magnification of Eyepiece 1: 48x
Highest Useful Magnification: 600x
Lowest Useful Magnification: 36x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 14.7
Light Gathering Power: 1317x as compared to the human eye
Optical Coatings: XLT reflective coatings with silicon dioxide and tantalum pentoxide protective overcoatings for primary and sceondary mirrors
Mirror Material: Pyrex equvalent for primary and secondary mirrors
Primary Mirror Thickness: 30mm (1.18") (approx. 1:8 thickness ratio)
Secondary Mirror Thickness: 11.5mm (0.45")
Minor Axis of Secondary Mirror: 64mm (2.52")
Tube Material: Steel
Focuser: 2" Crayford focuser, includes 2" extension tube and 2"-to-1.25" adapter
Finderscope: StarPointer™ red-dot finderscope
Resolution Rayleigh: 0.55 arcseconds
Resolution Dawes: 0.46 arcseconds
Optical Tube Dimensions: 1117.6mm x 292.1mm diameter (44" x 11.5" diameter)
Optical Tube Weight: 29.2 lbs (13.24 kg)
Mount Type: Altazimuth Dobsonian base
Base Material: Particle board with melamine surfaces and edge trim, CARB compliant
Base Dimensions: 673.1mm x 533.4mm x 533.4mm (26.5" x 21" x 21")
Base Weight: 25.6 lbs (11.6 kg)
Slew Speeds: Manual
Software: Celestron Starry Night Basic Edition Software and StarSense Explorer App
Total Telescope Kit Weight: 54.8 lbs (24.86 kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Telescope I Use The Most

I wanted to do visual astronomy since I want to live in the moment and discovered that I enjoy the tactile and visual experience of a Dobson telescope .
My first experience with this scope was from my deck in the city, looking at the moon which was amazing . However , I quickly learned that simply driving 3 km away from the city lights presented a far better night sky .
Portability : Celestron has simply put a handle mid optical tube and a small steering **** at the opening : this makes it simple to carry for transport. I went one step further by adding 2 Farpoint Z10 lifting straps : loading it into a vehicle is a breeze . I kept 2 pieces of packing foam that the scope shipped in which makes a great transport cradle. The base has a handle and the cutouts in its design that also make it easy to move.
The StarSense App is simple to use with my iPhone . Once aligned , star hopping is easy and enjoyable. I tend to go out as the sun is setting, point my red dot finder at the top of a tower and use an illuminated crosshair eyepiece. I center the crosshair on the top of the tower then align the StarSense crosshair. I then point the telescope at the area with the best targets and let it map the location. When it has completed its alignment I use a 24 mm eyepiece , select Tonight’s Best and start star hopping. My target has been in the eyepiece every time ! It’s a great piece of technology that is easy to use.
With a 10 inch aperture deep sky objects show up nicely and with the use of nebula filters (UHC, O-lll), targets such as Orions Nebula looked even better. The upgrade to Baader Hyperion (68 degree) eyepieces , offer nice resolution and comfortable eye relief ( using 10 and 24 mm most commonly) and also enjoying Explore Scientific 85 degree eyepieces ( 8.5, 14 , 24 mm). The ability to use 1.25 and 2 inch eyepieces in the Crayford focuser gives you a wide range of eyepiece options.
I added a Skywatcher USB cooling fan powered through an Orion USB 2.0 extension cable to a Celestron PowerTank to cool the primary mirror faster.
A good quality astronomy chair will keep you comfortable, looking through the eyepiece longer which allows you to pick up more detail : that’s the goal of visual astronomy. I’m looking forward to taking this telescope to a true dark sky area.
Nicholas and staff are very helpful and can guide you to the best telescope and accessories to meet your goals.


Haven't had a chance to try it yet.
As usual, cloudy skies in Vancouver

Starsense App

The Starsense app is fun to use but needs brief calibration each time you attach your phone. Being dark, it's tough to find something to align to and your experience with the app is only as good as the alignment.

The telescope itself is great. Easy to permanently align the laser finder, smooth operation of the focuser. As with any dob, it takes a bit of trial and error to get the tension on the base just right so it's smooth to turn.

Great service

Great service and communicant. Thank you

Starsense app not working for me.

Great telescope. Big improvement over my old old 10” dob. Much Clearer and easier to focus. A little stiff to push. Sadly I live in the city and the starsense app will not work for me. It tells me my phone is compatable, however even on a clear day it does not recognize star patterns.

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