Brand: ZWO

ZWO 7-Position EFW for 2" Filters (ZWO-EFW-7x2)


Brand: ZWO

ZWO 7-Position EFW for 2" Filters (ZWO-EFW-7x2)


ZWO filters wheels make it incredibly easy to rotate between different filters through an astrophotography session. You can even program your filter change routing with the ASIAir.
$399.00 USD

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$399.00 USD

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Product Description

This ZWO EFW filter wheel is electronic, powered using the included 2m USB2.0 cable. Weighing in at only just over 1 lb (500g) and with a 20mm thickness, this filter wheel is a lightweight and effective way of reaching your imaging goals.

With 7 positions, this filter can fit 2" threaded filters or 50.4mm (±0.5mm) unmounted filters. The reliable stepper motor comes from NPM, Japan and will provide reliable quality and performance during use.

If you have been looking for a way to switch filters during your astroimaging session without messing with the setup and risking that crisp, clear focus you worked so hard to achieve, this ZWO EFW Filter Wheel is made to aid in switching between filters during sessions, allowing a relatively hands off approach.

When it comes to powering the EFW, there is no need for multiple cables, just the one USB cable provided. The maximum power consumption of this ZWO EFW is approximately 120mAh @ 5V, which can be provided by the ZWO's cooled CCD camera (not included) USB2.0 port. The control modes are ASCOM and SDK.

ZWO's filter wheel body is CNC milled from an aircraft graded aluminum block. The wheel can be rotated either clockwise or counter clockwise, so filter selection is a breeze. If connected to the ASI6200 camera from ZWO, the distance from filter to sensor is about 18mm.

What's in the Box

  • EFW2*7 body
  • USB2.0 – 2m cable
  • A bag of M2.5*6 screws (6pcs/ bag)
  • A bag of filter masks for 50mm filters (7pcs/ bag)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A bag of M2*4 flat screws (23pcs/ bag)
  • M54M-M48F adapter
  • M54M-M42F adapter


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Positional accuracy flawed

Mechanically, this filter wheel is slightly flawed due to the stopping sensor which is infrared through a small hole. The repeatability is not quite there, so flats and lights can be slightly off, which is evidenced by a “smoke ring” effect for any dust donuts cast as a result of dust on the filter. This is minimized by always moving the wheel in one direction only (by default the driver may move CW or CCW, whichever is closer to the destination). Also keeping filters free of dust.

I also amy shooting luminance without any filter, so in combination there might be hue artifacts but not at all noticeable.

The weakness can be worked around, but it’s a little disappointing nevertheless.

ZWO 7-Position EFW for 2" Filters

Attractive black anodized aluminium housing that weighs only 650g and powered/controlled with single USB cable. I am using 2’ threaded filters and am happy with quiet and vibration free movement of carousel. Refractor and camera attached via M54(male)-M48(female) adapter, M54(male)-M42(female). I have found it easy to set up and everything works well with ZWO ASI 2600 monochrome camera and TheSkyX control software. Has performed glitch-free so far and an happy with purchase.

Great service, prompt delivery

Great service, prompt delivery; would buy from here again!

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